Asset Management

Trusted Investment Manager

Crescent Sky is an alternative fixed income asset manager focused on consumer and commercial loans, asset-based investing and investing in the specialty finance arena.

The founding partners average over 20 years of experience within structured products, credit and asset management and have successfully invested in asset-based  and consumer loan products since 1997.

Team members have complementary skill sets and records of success in building and running businesses over various market cycles.

Our Edge

A Comprehensive Approach to Investing

Crescent Sky's fixed income product expertise coupled with our disciplined risk management culture yields potential for strong risk-adjusted returns.

With the skill set of a large fund Crescent Sky can pursue opportunities too complex for most smaller funds yet not large enough for multi-billion dollar funds to have interest. Our goal is to generate risk-adjusted yields that outperform traditional fixed income strategies.

Alternative Fixed Income

The Crescent Sky Consumer Lending Fund

The Crescent Sky Consumer Lending Fund seeks to generate current income and total return by investing in a select group of short duration unsecured consumer loans at attractive yields, combined with a dynamic portfolio hedging strategy.

Crescent Sky’s proprietary algorithm attempts to select optimal risk-adjusted loans. The Fund’s data-driven model strives to select loans that capture the greatest amount of net spread and therefore exhibit superior performance

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