Crescent Sky Real Estate Partners

Broad Expertise and Experience

Crescent Sky Real Estate Partners (CSREP) seeks to identify and invest in superior commercial and residential real estate opportunities.  


Led by our Founder, Charles Spero and CIO of Real Estate, Eric Derfner, CSREP has the ability to tap into a wide and deep network of relationships to source attractive real estate investment opportunities. 


Mr. Derfner has been an investor, operator and manager of real estate properties for over 20 years, while Mr. Spero has been an active finance professional since 1994.  


CSREP has formalized processes for collecting and organizing deal related information and evaluating the risk/return profile of transactions.  These processes are designed to filter investments and highlight those that are most attractive to pursue.  CSREP is well positioned to both access real estate transactions and properly analyze these opportunities for its investment partners.

Structuring Expertise

Our Edge

A Comprehensive Approach to Investing

The team at CSREP has strong analytical skills and the ability to properly model and underwrite transactions. 


CSREP portfolio manager and head of analytics, Dr. Wei Jin (Stanford PhD Statistics), began his career using his quantitative skills to model commercial real estate and over his career has developed an expertise in evaluating both macro and micro themes across markets. 


CSREP believes that overlaying these macro economic themes across the real estate space can lead to more robust returns.

Our extensive network allows the fund to pursue value creation through the development of new properties or the re-positioning of existing ones.  These partnerships allow CSREP to consider a broad set of opportunities

We have partnership arrangements with established full service property management companies, which can add value to investments by reducing reporting, fees and expenses while increasing control and operational leverage


Investing Across the Capital Structure

CSREP is well positioned to evaluate and structure transactions at all levels of the capital structure including equity, preferred equity, mezzanine and senior. 


Additionally, we will monitor the loan and securities trading markets which will enhance the team’s ability to price transactions and may also result in investments in securities or loans if relative value dictates.

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