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Crescent Sky principals invest capital side by side with a network of institutional, family office and high net worth investors. Crescent Sky primarily invests in real estate debt and equity as well as alternative fixed-income assets.


The team’s expertise in structuring,  trading, and investing in asset-based securities, loans, and real estate, coupled with Crescent Sky’s disciplined risk-taking culture, yields the potential for strong risk-adjusted returns. Crescent Sky's core investment principle is to provide steady cash flow and long-term principal appreciation while focusing on capital preservation for our investors. 

Crescent Sky utilizes proprietary modeling and quantitative analysis across its investment platforms.

Real Estate

Crescent Sky Real Estate Partners seeks to identify and invest in superior risk-adjusted multifamily, commercial, and residential real estate opportunities. The Firm has the ability to tap into a wide and deep network of relationships to source attractive real estate investment opportunities.


CSREP collects and organizes market and deal-related information and uses this data to evaluate the risk/return profiles of transactions. This process, along with Crescent Sky’s analysis of the physical property, detailed financial analysis, and property management planning, is designed to highlight investment opportunities that are most attractive to pursue and offer the highest potential risk-adjusted return to our investors. Crescent Sky Real Estate Partners pursues opportunities in both real estate debt and property ownership.

Crescent  Sky manages its own properties as well as partners with established full-service property management companies.  Whether a property is managed in-house or with a local partner Crescent Sky is in constant contact with the teams on-premises caring for its properties.


Fixed Income 

Crescent Sky seeks to invest in superior risk-adjusted opportunities across the alternative fixed-income arena. To date, Crescent Sky has invested in consumer loans, mortgage loans, mezzanine securities, and B-notes.


The Fund also employs a frequent trading strategy mainly comprised of liquid equity, debt securities, and funds, designed to realize gains based upon short-term market fluctuations and volatility.

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